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About TV Nagar School

TV Nagar School is an RCA managed school with classes from 1 to 10 for children of the underprivileged, particularly of the factory and construction labour living in and around Ambattur.





Results since 2004

The Thiruvengadanagar Educational Society School is more popularly known as the Rotary School and is located in Thiruvengadanagar colony, about 20 K.M. on Western suburb of Chennai city.


Setting off on a mission to provide education to the children of under-privileged families’ living in and around Ambattur, the primary school was established in 1965 with just 20 students and a single teacher. Over the period, the school has been developed as a model school offering quality education from 1st std to 10th std in Tamil medium.  Due to the growing request from the parents, parallel English medium classes from 1st std to 3rd std were started in 2018.


Presently with 440 plus students, the T.V. Nagar School has an overall built up infrastructure of approx. 15000 Sq.ft.  The school has been fully equipped with modern facilities such as Class room furniture’s, Computer lab with Internet access, Multimedia theatre, Audio Visual teaching aid, Recreation facilities, Library facility, exclusive staff room, noon meal center, neat toilet facilities and full-fledged auditorium.  All this has been made possible by the support of ROTARY CLUB OF AMBATTUR which has adopted the school since 1980, as a long-term project.  Despite the best amenities and quality education provided to the children, we do not charge any fees from them, as they are from economically backward strata of the society.


It is to the credit of our dedicated teachers the school has been achieving 100% results in the S.S.L.C exams since 2004.  The uncompromising quality standards adopted by our school towards man making education, the student’s welfare and identifying / nurturing their talents, etc., the school has become a model for others to emulate.  Our school has been declared as a MODEL SCHOOL for Thiruvallur District in Tamil Nadu.


Recently, the school also got an award from Tmt. Mageswari Ravikumar, IAS, Collector of Tiruvallur for the “BEST MAINTAINED HYGIENIC TOILETS” for the school children in the District.


T.V. Nagar School is a Government aided school, and the children of the school are given free education. However, the number of teachers allotted by the Government for the High school is far less than required to maintain an optimum student to teacher ratio. To fill in this gap, the Society has employed nearly 6 additional management teachers, 4 sub-staff and an Administrative Manager to take care of the various activities.


The running cost per month is approx. Rs.1,65,000/-.  This expense is met from the interest earned from the internal resources and contributions from philanthropic individuals / institutions.

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