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The Ambattur Rotary Hospital was founded with the aim of providing quality health care at subsidized costs to the people of the locality of Ambattur Industrial Estate and is one of the flagship projects of the Rotary club of Ambattur. From humble beginnings in 1990, ARH which has started as an outpatient clinic has grown in phases into a well-equipped hospital that has some unique value additions.


The T V Nagar School which was started in 1965 with 10 students and one teacher was adopted by the Rotary Club of Ambattur in 1980 as a long term service project. With financial assistance provided by the club ,the thatched sheds were replaced with permanent class rooms. Basic amenities such as clean water, sanitary facilities, kitchen and dining hall, compound wall, recreational facilities and furniture were eventually added.

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After school learning center

The goal and objective of the Centre is to provide after school education to children to bridge the gap between what was learnt in school and to prepare them  for the next day.The Centre is also focusing on providing vocational skill training to Students to build skill and confidence in the Students.


sleeping children around the world

‘‘SCAW’’ was born in August 1970 in the city of Pune, India, when the first distribution of 50 bed kits was made by Mr.Murray Dryden, a remarkable Canadian and originator of the Institution - ‘Sleeping Children Around the World.' Since its founding in 1970, SCAW has provided bed kits for nearly 6,65,000 children in 31 countries.

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