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Sleeping children around the world

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About SCAW

Started in the year 1970, The Rotary Club of Ambattur has join hands with SCAW to envision the world by ensuring every children gets the gift of a good night's sleep.




Bed kits served

‘‘SCAW’’ was born in August 1970 in the city of Pune, India, when the first distribution of 50 bed kits was made by Mr. Murray Dryden. Mr. Murray Dryden, a remarkable Canadian and originator of the Institution-‘ Sleeping Children Around the World' can be called a true Rotarian, since his whole life has been an exemplification of Rotary International’s Motto ‘Service above self.” Since its founding in 1970, SCAW has provided bed kits for nearly 6,65,000 children in 31 countries such as Ecuador, Honduras, Colombia, Panama, Thailand, India, Bangladesh and Phillippines.

The year 1987,saw the birth of SCAW in Ambattur, Chennai. On Friday, 20th Feb .1987,Rtn.PDG.Raja Ramakrishnan inaugurated the first distribution of slumber kits at T. V. Nagar School. Since then, we have had several distributions. The year 1998 was remarkable since the founder of SCAW, Mr. Murray Dryden himself was present during the entire distribution.

SCAW is a 100% voluntary organization with three categories of volunteers. Administrator volunteers in Toronto, Canada, travelling volunteers who travel to various countries to supervise the distribution of bed kits and photograph the children with their bed kits as proof that the bed kits were given to needy children and overseas volunteers who select the children with the greatest need, supervise the composition of the kits and help the travelling Volunteers to distribute the bed kits.

Mr. Dave Dryden, who accompanied his father Mr. Murray during his visit to Chennai in 1998 writes-"The critical importance of a set of consistent beliefs, set down by dad and supported fully by the team’s leader and by the Rotary Clubs in India and Bangladesh, cannot be overstated. It was great to see in both Chennai and Mumbai, certain Rotarians having a long term commitment to SCAW, taking the lead in seeing that dad’s expectations were followed to the letter. 

250 infant layettes were initially distributed by our club in 1996 at our own cost. This was appreciated by Murray Dryden and 500 infant layattes were donated by SCAW in 1997. Since 1987 Rotary Club of Ambattur has distributed 130650 Bed kits which includes educational and personal aid.

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